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 Mori, Seishin

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PostSubject: Mori, Seishin   Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:43 pm

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χ | aesthetics;

›‹— Name: Mori, Seishin (lit. 森, forest; 精神, soul, mind, spirit)
›‹— Aliases: None.
›‹— Titles: Kiri no Byakko (lit. 霧の白狐, white fox of the mist)
›‹— Age: Twenty-five
›‹— Theme:

›‹— Date of Birth: November 7th
›‹— Gender: Male
›‹— Blood Type: AB+
›‹— Laterality: Left-handed

›‹— Birth Land: Hi no Kuni
›‹— Village:
›‹— Rank: Jounin
›‹— Identification Number: #1210789
›‹— Profession:

›‹— Clan:
›‹— Kekkai Genkai:
›‹— Primary: Taijutsu
›‹— Secondary: Ninjutsu

χ | façade;

›‹— Height: Six ft two (6’2”)
›‹— Weight: One hundred and seventy-four (174lb)
›‹— Markings: Several battle scars located on torso.
›‹— Outfit: Seishin’s wardrobe consists of several types of shirts and pants, which he shifts between day by day. The first of these shirts is similar to the traditional clothing of the Uchiha clan, which is essentially a high-collared, short-sleeved shirt. However, unlike typical Uchiha fashion—which usually contains darker colors—this high-collared shirt contains a cool grey pigment, making it considerably lighter in color than it’s counterparts. On the back of this shirt is the kanji for “forest” (森), written in the typographic styling of calligraphy. Due to the length of his shirt being on the long side, the sash that keeps various pouches and other small trinkets attached to his person is hidden. This shirt is usually paired with charcoal colored shinobi trousers. The standard-issue pants reach down to his mid-calf, and have a kunai pouch wrapped firmly around his left thigh. The remainder of his calf is covered by bandages (training tape) which run down to his lower extremities, ending at the toes. Similarly, Seishin also bandages the area spanning from the tips of his fingers to the end of his forearm. Finally, black, standard-issue shinobi sandals complete the outfit.
The second outfit that Seishin wears is oriented more towards the taijutsu style of combat. A slim-fitting, sleeveless navy shirt makes up the base layer. However, unlike ordinary sleeveless shirts, this particular garment has a turtleneck collar. Occasionally, the traditional flak jacket is worn as an outer layer, but this is a rare sighting, as the sleeveless shirt usually indicates a much more casual style of dressing. Accompanying the navy upper layer is a variation of the typical shinobi trousers. A slightly slimmer fit is given to these navy-colored pants to annunciate the lightness of the entire ensemble. As with the previous outfit, a sash (belt) is worn with various pouches attached for easy access to equipment at all times. Blue shinobi sandals finish this particular outfit, and as always, Seishin’s extremities are wrapped tightly in training tape.
The third outfit that Seishin has is for more formal occasions within his village. It is a rather simple kimono, with only the slightest bit of white fabric embroidered around the edge of the sleeves and collar to offer a slight amount of class. The base collar of the kimono is a dark blue, paired with a white obi—plain and simple, with no patterns or textures embedded into the outfit. As a casual counterpart to the kimono, Seishin also has a Yukata of similar color, matched with a black obi.
The final outfit that this shinobi possesses is the standard getup of his village. Long-sleeved, navy shirt paired with trousers of the same color make up the base layers. The second upper layer is the typical flak jacket of his village. A belt with all of his equipment and pouches attached remains fitted around his waist and a pair of blue shinobi sandals are worn on his feet.

›‹— Physical: Possessing an impressive physique, this shinobi has trained diligently to upkeep his masculine figure. Although he had been blessed with a hybrid mesomorphic–ectomorphic body, it has been the constant training from a young age that has produced such a prime athletic form. Though neither burly nor hulking in size, Seishin possess an ideal balance of muscle to leanness. While not overbearing, the size of his muscles is clearly visible. Words like “lanky”, or “lithe” do not properly describe his toned core, broad shoulders and back nor do they properly describe the apparent biceps, triceps and forearm muscle. While not the perfect individual, Seishin’s body is as close one can get to a rendition of the admirable Greek statues.
Messy, ivory hair varies in length, but the bangs always stop at medium length—just short enough to not interfere with his vision. The back of his hair however, runs slightly longer to the point where, at it’s peak, the locks of hair can rest upon his shoulders.
Seishin’s eyes are quite sharp—like those of a hawk—with a rather piercing gaze being their natural expression. Ash grey is the color of his irises, a neutral tone which seems devoid of emotion. The remaining facial features appear to be quite delicate, though this shouldn’t be confused with feminine. Well proportioned and average in size, there is nothing exceptional about his nose, lips, ears, etcetera. He doesn’t have the features of a pretty-boy, but when viewing him as a whole, one might find him attractive. Lastly, to compliment the light color of his hair and eyes, the shinobi’s skin complexion is fair, with the possibility of gaining a light tan if exposed to the sun for a brief amount of time. A longer exposure however, will result in sunburn.

›‹— Cognition: Seishin is an interesting character to know. His personality is clearly divided, like opposite sides of a coin. No, he’s not schizophrenic, but he has completely separated his professional and personal lives from each other. As a shinobi, he fits the description of the occupation almost perfectly: cold, devoid of emotion with seemingly no sentimental attachment whatsoever. This is the personality—or lack thereof—of Mori Seishin while on duty; a cold-blooded, cerebral killer who doesn’t allow anything to get in between him and his mission. Whether it is emotions or comrades, he’ll cast them aside for the ultimate goal. For this reason, he works best alone, or with a group of people with a similar mindset. This doesn’t prevent him from interacting with other shinobi necessarily, but it does mean that when faced with the worst-case scenario, Seishin will choose the mission over his team.
On the flip side, while acting as a civilian in his village, Seishin is a kind young man, with an energetic aura surrounding him. He’s the type of person that people wouldn’t mind being around—pleasant, and quick to utilize a wide array of emotions and facial expressions. He tries to enjoy life as much as possible during his free time, and this translates into an outgoing character rather than a withdrawn one. Still, what makes him pleasant rather than overbearing is a visceral ability to read into a given situation. If you need space, he’ll keep to himself. If you need to talk, he listens. You need a drink, he’ll pour.
What distinguishes these two sides of him is a simple fox mask, which has a history of its own. Seishin is forced to carry it around with him at all times, in case he should ever need to assume his obligations on a moment’s notice. The fox mask acts like a switch between Seishin the shinobi and Seishin the civilian. The reason behind the separation is the idea that the mask allows him to act under a persona, while the real Seishin is able to maintain his humanity. In short, it is a method of coping with the demanding lifestyle of a shinobi.
While donning the mask, there are very few traits that can be associated with the shinobi, who deliberately tries to hide such things. Seishin adopts a blunt, no-nonsense attitude towards everyone and is ruthless in pursuit of his objectives. Additionally, he is quick to act, though not without thought, and he insists on punctuality, frowning upon those who believe that they are greater than, or the saving grace of the mission. However, he manages to avoid the darker traits which someone more misaligned than he might succumb to, such as spitefulness, intolerance and oppressiveness. There is a thin line between actions a protector of a village (such as himself) would take, and those of a criminal, yet Seishin manages to always stay within the proper boundaries.
Without the mask, Seishin is a playful twenty-five year-old who is more interesting in “doing” than talking. Still, he is adaptable and open to new experiences, meaning that he generally is fine with making conversation and meeting new people. He has distaste for abstractions as they have the ability to drain him, and therefore he avoids anything artsy such as poetry or those who speak in metaphors. Instead, he prefers things of a physical nature, where his exceptional dexterity and hand-eye coordination can be utilized. He feels an urge to be respected or admired, and therefore tries to be as nice as he can to everyone—regardless of whether or not they work well together in an interpersonal relationship—believing that respectable relationships start with good-gestures. Despite this desire, Seishin is rather aimless without his mask, and typically does not commit to a particular purpose, making his actions rather random at times due to a lack of focus. When frustrated, he can act passive-aggressively, which ultimately hinder his relationships since he refuses to talk openly. He is difficult to anger though, due to his good-natured attitude, which lasts until he puts on his mask.

χ | chronicles;

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Mori, Seishin
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